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"...working together to build stronger families and communities in rural Benton County."
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SRF is a 501 (c) 3 organization.     Federal Tax ID # 20-2934930 

Dear Friend of Strengthening Rural Families,

 We are asking for your support during our annual campaign. This is our most important and effective fundraiser of the year.

Your donation provides a direct benefit to our rural communities.  Many of the families we serve have children who are, or are themselves, “at risk”. They are at or near poverty; have inadequate nutrition, access to quality childcare or healthy housing. 

Direct donation dollars are crucial to our ability to maintain programs, advocate for our rural neighbors and to be involved in the coalitions and partnerships that are making positive efforts in our communities.  

In the 2014-15 year, we provided programming to over 2053 adults and children and 1192 families. Last year’s contributions assisted in funding the following: 

¨ The Alsea Pups Preschool, which served

18 children, 16 families

¨ Parenting Education Programs, which provided services for

 273 adults, 450 children, 299 families

¨ Dental Vans and Prevention Services

 8 vans that served 111 adults, 85 families

¨ Healthy Eating Awareness and Health Fairs

 170 adults and children, 70 families attended Monroe Health & Safety Fair

 Seed to Supper class, 36 adults & children, 16 families

 500 youth, ~350 families are served at Philomath Elementary School for Tasting Tables

¨ Positive Youth Development Programs & Events, which served

 335 youth, 269 families

¨ Programming for Spanish speakers

 English as a Second Language classes, which served 72 people, 46 families in Monroe & Philomath

 Educational classes & workshops, which served 88 people, 41 families

Our programming has a positive impact on the individuals, children and families we serve. Your assistance is important for their on-going sustainability and  your donation helps ensure that the things we’ve been accomplishing in rural Benton County will continue.  

At Strengthening Rural Families, our guiding principles are:

· We ensure that all individuals and families have access to social support, community education and health services in their rural communities.

· We advocate for rural children, teens, adults and families.

· We build programs in collaboration with individuals, families, school districts, community agencies, businesses and other organizations. 

· We strive to meet the needs of all cultures while honoring the positive community traditions and values of our rural community members.  

We also have four primary goals to help us serve our rural communities through the year 2020:

1. Empower individuals and families.

2. Promote health and well-being of individuals.

3. Advocate for early childhood development and education.

4. Build organizational capacity of SRF to ensure that rural families have access to high quality services and resources.


When you donate, you will receive a receipt from us to use for your tax filing, as donations to Strengthening Rural Families are tax-deductible.  If interested in donating now, you can by clicking here:  

Thank you for all your support. We wish the best for you and your family in this holiday season and for the new year.

Your Friends at Strengthening Rural Families


For more information, contact us at our office (541) 929-2535 or by email:

Paul Smith, Executive Director,
Lauri Lehman, Office Manager,